Riverdale Lacrosse Tryouts

January 28, 2019

Updated September 24, 2018


The 2019 Riverdale Lacrosse Program tryouts will begin on January 28, 2019. Tryout format has not been finalized but we are leaning toward a tryout period that extends past the end of the Pre-Season Classic, which is the second week of February. All players will have about two weeks to show what they can do and how they can contribute to the team. It will give coaches a better chance to see who gels,  who has a positive attitude, and who just doesn’t seem to fit. Along the way, we will


All potential players will be evaluated during the tryout period for their overall suitability for a spot on the team. At the end of that period there will be “squad reduction,” commonly known as “cuts.” We will keep no more than the maximum number of players as allowed by FHSAA rules (25 during playoffs). It is unlikely that coaches will choose to maintain the full number of players allowable by FHSAA rules. Experience tells us that 16-20 for boys and 18-22 for girls is ideal and more than that is impractical on several reasons.

There are no guarantees of making the team. If you played last year it is no indication or guarantee of making the team this year. With a limited number of slots on the team, coaches will be looking at not only how well the team will do this year but also at the long-term development of the program. Players may be chosen because of their potential or how they fit into the overall mix of talent and personalities. Players should be open to trying new positions. Player preference has little to do with final assignment.

What are the coaches looking for?

Coaches look at various aspects of potential players to determine the best fit for the team. We will look at fitness, lacrosse knowledge, attitude, team play, leadership, lacrosse-specific skills, attentiveness, ability/willingness to follow instructions. We can only reasonably maintain a certain number of players before there will be people at practices with nothing to do and no possibility of getting into a game. We seek to avoid this at all costs while maintaining a solid team roster. We cannot express how important it is to have the right personality for the team. In the past, negative players have worn down the team’s ability to play and win. If at all possible, we will week out those people who do not mesh well with the rest of the players.

Teams and capacities

In absence of a Sub-Varsity (Junior Varsity) team or a practice squad, there will be a limited number of positions available on the teams. By Florida High School Athletic Association rules, lacrosse teams are limited to 25 players for post-season play, and it is impractical for us to maintain more than that during the regular season.


Tryouts are open to all students of Riverdale High School that were enrolled there before the start of the Spring Semester. Students must be in compliance with all applicable school district and school rules and regulations regarding grades and eligibility.

Tryouts will consist of:

Evaluations include in the following skill areas:

  • Ground balls with dominant hand
  • Ground balls with off hand
  • Throwing with dominant hand
  • Catching with dominant hand
  • Throwing with off hand
  • Catching with off hand
  • Cradling with dominant hand
  • Cradling with off hand
  • Passing Accuracy
  • Shooting

Evaluations will be made in the following physical fitness and agility areas:

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Sprinting
  • Recovery time

Evaluations will be made in the following team and sport-specific areas:

  • Knowledge of the overall game
  • Position play
  • Reaction to changing game situations
  • Problem-solving under game-stress conditions
  • Reacting to game-type stressors

Evaluations will be made in the following other areas:

  • Attitude
  • Coachability
  • Leadership qualities
  • Focus/paying attention

While skill levels are important, they are only part of the overall equation. Coaches look for intangibles, like attitude, leadership, willingness to work with other players and with coaches, and teamwork.

Posting of final rosters

Final rosters will be posted after the final day of tryouts as follows:

  • Online at

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