Boys Training Videos

Check out these videos to see examples of good lacrosse.

Here are a few video links for the BOYS prospects to watch. All should watch so you can learn how good lax is played. These are particularly targeted to close defenders but it’s also important for attackers and midfielders to understand these concepts so they can react against the tactics shown.


This is a how-to video about defense against an attacker trying to break GLE. It’s a good primer for defenders, but it’s also a great way for attackers and midfielders to understand how defensive players think. The principals you see here, particularly about body positioning and lifting, can be applied to other positions and areas of the field. Be sure to RELEASE the lift to avoid a holding penalty.

This is a highlight reel for a high school player from Virginia. The first scene features a few checks that could easily be called as slashes, to ignore those, but the rest of the reel is pretty good. Note his body positioning relative to the goal and other players. VERY effective.

Head on a swivel…


This is another high school player highlight reel. It’s notable not for the solo action of the subject player, Sam Fink, but because the team’s passing patterns are outstanding. Watch especially the “one more” passing across the goal to get the best shot. Fink is an outstanding finisher…he gets that final pass and puts the ball in the goal. Notice that he almost always does a stick fake before a shot–he will fake high and go low most of the time. But he also fakes high and moves laterally to hit the opposite side of the goal. His team’s fast break work is excellent: brisk passing to the stick each time. We need to aspire to that kind of play.

Shooting and passing

Basic but good.

This is more about power shooting than just regular shooting, but still pretty good. I am not a  huge fan of the hands together shot for new players–it requires a lot of muscle control that new players don’t yet have. But, it’s still some good stuff.


Behind the back passing and shooting



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