Riverdale Boys Lacrosse

The Riverdale Boys Lacrosse program is a varsity-only team in Fort Myers (Lee County), Florida. As of August 2018, we plan to field 25 players with a small development team. Development players are non-varsity and non-sub-varsity.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Richard Williamson returns for his fourth year at the helm of the Raider boys. In his inaugural season, Coach Williamson let the team to its first victory in four years and cut the average goal differential from just under 20 to just over 6! The team went 1-17 in 2016, but jumped to an impressive 10-6-1 in 2017 and 9-7 in 2018. He has played lacrosse for more than 40 years and coached for over 30, and actively plays box and men’s tournament lacrosse. He is a certified US Lacrosse Coach and was named the 2017 Lee County Lacrosse Coach of the Year .

Assistant Coach Aaron Renfroe will be returning for his third season, working to make the Raider defense a tough, hard-hitting group. He is a certified US Lacrosse Coach. He coaches travel and rec-level lacrosse in addition to high school.

Assistant Coach Josh Lavy played under Coach Williamson at Estero HS, was a scholarshipped player at Utica College in New York, and made the move to Riverdale in 2016. This will be his fourth year assisting at Riverdale.

Program Coordinator Beverly Spinosa will be back helping organize the boys from her position inside Riverdale High School. She will be the in-school point of contact and her room will be the location to get information and pickup/drop off items during the school day.

Game Announcer Steve Spinosa will be back behind the microphone calling out game stats and goals! He is the voice of RHS’s varsity football team and the Junior Everblades at Germain Arena.

Riverdale Lacrosse Program Phases

Off-Season Conditioning and Play

In 2013, Coach Williamson instituted a comprehensive pre-season conditioning program at Estero HS. It was the first of its kind of Lee County, and the Wildcats had a decided advantage in fitness. Today, every program has a strong preseason conditioning regimen. To be successful, lacrosse programs and players must play and practice off-season, as allowed by FHSAA regulations. At Riverdale, our preseason training is called the Conditioning and Ultimate Frisbee Club. There are two phases for RHS Lacrosse’s off-season conditioning: boot camp and preseason conditioning, during which we play Ultimate Frisbee as a way to gel as players and to give us a reason to train so hard! Off-season conditioning is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggested. Riverdale Lacrosse, like all high school programs, is not allowed to offer off-season play. However, most players do play off-season through travel programs and other opportunities. 

Boot camp period
RHS coaches offer an end-of-summer boot camp program, that prepares players for the conditioning program that starts every year on or around October 1st. Boot camp is not required, but we strongly suggest potential players attend. It makes them part of the team and gets them ready for the physical and emotional demands of the conditioning and regular seasons. Most students cannot go from their summer activity levels to the conditioning levels.

Conditioning program
Starting on or around October 1st, the RHS Lacrosse Conditioning Program is integral to success in the overall program. No preseason conditioning program can be required per FHSAA rules, but since our program sets extremely high standards for physical conditioning and proficiency at the start of the season, we recommend potential players attend two of the three days per week (66% attendance). it is very difficult for potential players to make the teams if they do not participate in this program. We will not do conditioning during the main high school lacrosse season, so your fitness during the tryout period is what will be evaluated relative to other players.

Beyond the physical fitness benefits of conditioning, it is also a team-building and morale-building opportunity. Team bonding is incredibly important to a successful program.

Ultimate Frisbee
We play Ultimate Frisbee off season. If you haven’t played, you will love it! It’s the second-best sport in the world (according to experts at Riverdale High School, anyway). We will teach you how to play. Everyone can play. It’s easy to learn and you will be surprised at how quickly you will improve!

High School Season

The high school season starts in mid- to late-January every year. Practices are five days per week. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss practice within two days of a game, you will not play in the next game. Acceptable excuses for absence is illness, injury, and scholastic events. Other excuses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis but very few exceptions will be made. Read and understand the team rules.

There will be a tryout period at the beginning of each season. For 2019, we will have a conditional tryout team period where players will be evaluated through the preseason classic and the final roster will be decided just before the first regular season game. For more about tryouts, go to this page.