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Riverdale Girls Lacrosse’s new head coach, Michelle Williamson, is optimistic about her team’s chances for 2016. “We’ve done a lot of conditioning work off-season and the girls have really stepped up to learn the game and work on their individual skills,” she says. “It’s a foundation year, so we will be laying the groundwork for the team’s future.” Coach Williamson brings new ideas on offense and defense and will be moving the Lady Raiders in a direction that will be more consistent with lacrosse as it’s played by the better programs in Florida and elsewhere.

“We have a bunch of new girls, freshman and sophomores, who came out to try a sport they’ve never even seen before,” says Coach Williamson. “It’s inspiring to see this level of interest–we really want to help these kids succeed. That’s what it’s all about.”

2016 Riverdale Raiders Girls Varsity Roster

2016 Girls High School Rule book

Click here for a printable 2017 schedule *UPDATED

Riverdale High School Girls Lacrosse Team Info

Riverdale High School Girls Lacrosse Team Info

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