Development Team

The Development Squad – the place to learn and improve

Lacrosse is considered one of the more difficult sports to master. While the basics–throwing, catching, ground balls, and cradling–can be learned in an afternoon, more or less, it takes about a year to really get consistently good at the game. Another six months will yield a full understanding of the ins and outs of the game itself, or what we call Lacrosse IQ. To do well in lacrosse, you have to be able to function at a certain level. It is true that Riverdale used to field a team that had little to no experience with the mission of hopefully scoring at least one goal and knocking down as many opposing players as possible. Those days are well and truly gone! We are now a serious lacrosse program that promotes a competitive form of the game.

At present, Riverdale High school does not have a sub-varsity team. The Development Squad (DS) is our answer to a JV squad, except that players can move easily from the Development Team to the Varisty Team with improvement in play. Development Squad players will be issued equipment (i.e. helmet) but not a permanent jersey/shorts/uniform. They do not qualify for Varsity letters unless they play in a minimum of three games (12 quarters for boys, six halves for girls). Any uniforms issued must be returned to coaches the day after a game, machine washed and dried. Failure to do so will make that player ineligible for the next game.

DS players will be expected to improve their lacrosse knowledge (watch videos, study plays, etc), and know all plays, formations, offenses and defenses, just like Varsity players so that you may be called upon to join the team at any point.

Attendances at practices and games is mandatory. We need you to develop. You are important to the program even if you are not a Varsity team member at this time!

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