Awards and Recognitions

At Riverdale lacrosse, we don’t believe in handing out the traditional “MVP” type awards. We believe ALL our players are important. We are a TEAM, after all! And, as a team, our results, win or loose, can not be based solely on the skills of one individual.

So, what awards do we give out, you ask? Most Improved Player, FireStarter Award, Atlas Award and awards for overall and individual conditioning results. What are those you ask? Well, click here and we will explain.

2017 Award Recipients

The 2017 Awards banquet will be held on May 15th. Check back after that for this year’s awards winners.

Most Improved Player

2017 Girls – Cari Coffey

2017 Boys – Noah Roark

FireStart Award

2017 Girls – Sasha Serrano

2017 Boys – Riley Porter

Atlas Award

2017  Girls – Heather Nalbach

2017 Boys – Kyle Palmer

Scholar Athlete Award

2017 Girls – Maria Jimenz

2017 Boys – Thomas Moerschel

Click here to view our 2016 award recipients.

The Meaning Behind Our Awards

Most Improved Player

Every player improves. Every week, the teams and individuals get better. Picking two can be difficult, but most players and coaches agree that two stand out as making the biggest leaps in the shortest amount of time.

FireStarter Award
Every team hopes to have a player that embodies the spirit of the game and exemplifies that team’s goals. A FireStarter is someone who works harder than everyone else. He or she leaves everything on the field. Physically and emotionally, a FireStarter is all in—a 100% effort from start to finish. FireStarters inspire us. They push themselves and, by example, everyone around them. They light the team fire. They ARE the fire.

Atlas Award
In mythology, Atlas carried the world on his back. In sports, as in any endeavor where emotions run high and physical demands can be nearly overwhelming, we are fortunate if we find an Atlas in our midst. Our Atlases carry their teams on their backs. They keep us in the game. They don’t quit. They are Atlases.

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