The Riverdale Boys Lacrosse team wrapped up their season at 10-6-1!

The Girls Lacrosse team ended their season at 4-9-1, having missed 2 district wins by just 1 point!

The big picture for 2017 was impressive. This year’s win record for the boys is equal to all previous years combined—and it is the best record in the district! The girls team improved dramatically over the season. As an example, last season we played rival Bishop Verot twice and lost 14-10 and 15-10. This season, the first game we lost 14-10 again, but the second game we lost by only 3, giving up only 6 goals. Having 5 players on the team who had never touch a stick before, I’d say we did a fantastic job!  The teams’ improvement over the season is a testament to our players’ determination and hard work.

The best part of coaching is not winning but seeing players develop. When we came here last season, the lacrosse teams were largely self-taught. They went on the field with the knowledge they would not—could not—win simply because most of the players had no idea what they were doing! Last year, the mission was to teach skills and build understanding of the complexities of lacrosse. This year, with most players able to hold their own, the focus turned to team tactics. They worked hard—played off-season, conditioned from August to January, and pushed themselves farther than most young athletes. The difference on the field was enormous. We expected it would be three to five years before we’d have a winning season, so this year was a nice surprise!