2016 Boys Roster

2016_boys_varsity2016 Riverdale Boys Lacrosse Team

Thank you to all who came out to tryouts this week! It was the culmination of lots of hard work beginning back in the summer. Lacrosse has come a long way at Riverdale. Starting with our Boot Camp, continuing into the conditioning program, and on into the first ever team tryouts where there were more players than places on the team, Raider Lacrosse has made a giant leap from a team that had no hope of winning to a program that aims to be one of the best in Lee County. We have a long way to go until we can say we are at the level to which we aspire. But we will get there. This is the first step.

Sometimes, the first steps are the most difficult. This years boys team prospects ranged in grade level from Freshman to Senior and in experience from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran. With a limited number of spots open on the roster, it is necessary that we make hard choices from among our pool of prospects. It is never easy to cut a player or to deny one the chance to play on the team he wishes. The Raider Lacrosse coaches evaluated all players over the course of the tryout week, looked at current skill levels, improvement over the week, ability to process changing game situations, attitude, and coachability. Selection was made for the overall good of the team, resulting in a roster that, from our observation and experience, will best serve the Riverdale Lacrosse Program.

Player positions listed are tentative and may change. Note there is a “Development Squad.” Those players who are on that list are those whom we feel are good players but need work in some areas that make them less able to play at the same level, for skill or medical reasons, as the other players on the team AT THE PRESENT TIME. Some of them are too new to the sport to be at the same level as the others. Others need to improve certain fundamental skills or overall lacrosse knowledge. That does not mean they will not improve–and, indeed, we expect them to do so. To that end, we are able to dress up to five of the Development Squad for any game. We may do all five, three, one, or none. It all depends on the quality of their play and our needs at the time. Players on the Development Squad may be promoted to the main team; players from the main team may be moved to the Development Squad should there be a need for further work in some areas or if they fail to improve at a rate consistent with the needs of the program as a whole. Any player may, of course, choose to resign from the Development Squad, but it is probably best to continue to work hard and improve your game. Upward mobility is not only encouraged but expected. (More on the Development Squad here.)

Player (Grade)


#19  Shaun Valentine (12)

#18  Matthew Flint (09)

#4   Cesar Orta (10)


#6   Andre Hazen  (10)

#13  Brian Youd  (12)

#11  Mason Reason  (09)

#2   Steele Spinosa  (12)

#21  Isaac Telusma  (11)


#1   Kyle Palmer  (11)

#7   Thomas Moerschel  (11)

#3   Sean Grimm  (10)

#17  Noah Roark  (10)

#8   Hunter Hertog  (11)

#10  Riley Porter  (10)

#9   Elliott Steinberg  (11)

#20  Luke Young  (10)

#14  Andrew Ingram  (11)

#15  Jakob Robbins  (10)


#22  Cameron McKenzie  (11)


#5   Zachary Cottage  (12)

Development Squad

#23  Alec Cassel  (11)

#12  Jordyn Shaver  (11)

#16  Tyler Campbell  (11)

#25  Izubee Charles  (11)

#24  Chris Espinal  (11)

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